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Comic of the week
Eros Bacchus

This week, our subject is not a comic-strips but rather a book edited by gallery "Humus" of Lausanne on occasion of an exhibition held at Château de l'Aigle (Museum of wine) from May 23rd 2014 to February 28th 2015. A bookfull of illustrations, old photos and drawings, all entirely dedicated to the links between wine and eroticism.
The richly illustrated book offers an entertaining and cultural journey, both playful and learned, going through centuries and countries to the discovery of pleasures and sensuality.
Built around a rich selection of works of art from the past (paintings, sculptures, engravings… ), the book puts on display many objects issued from the popular arts ( bottles, corkscrews, drawings… ) or postcards as well as bookplates and some… singular wine labels.
Structured into chapters, it takes into account the wide pannel of existing expressions related to wine (la robe, la cuisse, le bouquet… some meanings may defy traduction) and a wide range of drinking songs.
The book includes also two original studies about Dionysian rites and christian uses of wine, two hitherto unpublished literary texts and a funny and scientific demonstration of the existing connections between wine and love!
Also, in order to reflect the present times, 38 mainly Swiss artists had been invited to speak on the topic. Thus, drawings, engravings, paintings, sculptures and photographs combine the pleasures of Bacchus and Eros to be enjoyed without moderation.
It is "Fondation F.I.N.A.L.E." (International Foundation for Art and Erotic Literatures), based in Lausanne which, rich in its collections and contacts, was charged to orchestrate this dionysac parade.
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