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Crazy Ones about… Bordeaux Wines

O Wine, drink of excellence, when allowed to flow generously and source of wide flights of inspiration… In this respect, this sweet nectar that requires to be so lovingly shaped up has often been used as a basis for comics strips stories.
And still more important than the bottle is the soul of the vineyards that has delicately been poured in our Crazy Ones…, all taste buds at the ready, are taking the road on its discovery. From the most expensive wines to the most confidential, from great Reds to the best Sweet wines, our friends are going to prove that wine is "good for your health". And even if it were not always the case, they keep a solid conviction: Médoc Wine is a great medicine!
A whole string of one-page small gags stories are distilled in this album featuring, among others, a trio of particularly characters gone on an exciting exploration of Gironde's soil and its generous products. Without any doubt, this comics can be regarded as a both entertaining and educational very likable vintage in its own way. About this last point, the writers have decided to describe this highly renowned wine region, with a generous use of different passionate terms well adapted to winemaking and grape varieties, by recalling the long history of this area…
Regarding pictures implementation, there is no doubt that the "big nose type" drawings from Peral are sufficiently explicit to confirm the humorous leanings of this album. The acting as played by the characters is well managed, especially regarding their laughable expressions.
Wine lovers will no doubt find this album quite enjoyable… As it is, full of flavour, smooth and heady "Crazy Ones about Bordeaux" can definitely been enjoyed… without moderation!
©2017 Alain Gille for CAVE
We sell our wines at Chécy, September, 23rd on the marché étendu
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